Secure Controls Framework (SCF)

The Secure Controls Framework (SCF) is a comprehensive catalog of controls that is designed to enable companies to design, build and maintain secure processes, systems and applications. The SCF addresses both cybersecurity and privacy, so that these principles are designed to be “baked in” at the strategic, operational and tactical levels.

In developing the SCF, we identified and analyzed over 100 statutory, regulatory and contractual frameworks. Through analyzing these thousands of requirements, we identified commonalities and this allows several thousand unique controls to be addressed by the controls that makeup the SCF. For instance, a requirement to maintain strong passwords is not unique, since it is required by dozens of frameworks. This allows one well-worded SCF control to address multiple requirements. This focus on simplicity and sustainability is key to the SCF, since it can enable various teams to speak the same controls language, even though they may have entirely different statutory, regulatory or contractual obligations that they are working towards.

The SCF targets silos, since siloed practices within any organization are inefficient and can lead to poor security, due to poor communications and incorrect assumptions. For each of the SCF controls, we identified potential teams that have a stake in that control’s execution (e.g., think RACI diagram).


Using the SCF should be viewed as a long-term tool to not only help with compliance-related efforts but to ensure security and privacy principles are properly designed, implemented and maintained. The SCF should be part of any organization’s toolkit for its System Development Lifecycle (SDLC), regardless of the development methodology that is being used (e.g., DevOps, Agile, Waterfall, etc.).


The SCF helps enables organizations to have a data-centric approach towards security, so that security and privacy principles help protect data from the physical to application layers. This is another way of saying that the SCF helps you implement a holistic approach to protecting the Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Safety (CIAS) of your data, systems, applications and other processes.