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Il Favoloso Dottor Dolittle Full ^NEW^ Movie In Italian


Il favoloso dottor Dolittle full movie in italian

Il favoloso dottor Dolittle full movie in italian Best you tube videos Il favoloso dottor Dolittle full movie in italian Greetings, I am watching the movie in subtitles and in Italian it seems that the English subtitle is longer than the Italian one. I did not find a clue on the wiki, any idea? I am watching it on an Italian Blu-ray DVD at the highest quality with Dolby Digital 5.1, subtitles in Italian only. All credits belong to Disney. Tnx! In the late 1960s, ten-year-old John Dolittle lives in a London flat with his anthropomorphic talking animal friends, his sister Jane and his grandmother. As his father is a scientist, the family attends a series of strange events, and his granny is transformed into an animal. Together with her, they set out to explore the world around them, and Dolittle follows his father's footsteps to become a doctor. Unfortunately, the film begins with the title of the original novel: The Story of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting, and it continues until the end credits, without a mention of the original source. An alternative to the dubbing is to listen to the original Italian soundtrack on the Italian LPC-8816. Contents A New Human Race is on the Way As the brothers plan to marry again, John's father comes home for a while. He meets his new wife, Dame Felicitas DeSpelonza, who is interested in human rights issues. A stranger enters the house, and John's father explains to him the existence of interspecies marriage, as well as the existence of two new human subspecies: the Pentaphages and the Bunnies. John's father accidentally discovers the location of a secret Pentaphage colony. The tribe welcomes the family, and offers them part of its land for a garden. The Bunnies (Rabbit Folk) The Doctor visits the Kingdom of Bobobla-Bab, and finds that the villagers have been imprisoned because of their hats. During his stay, his dog, Paddington, is captured by the king, and John follows him

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Il Favoloso Dottor Dolittle Full ^NEW^ Movie In Italian

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