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About the Author Jonathan Furman teaches in the Department of Digital Arts and Communications at Stanford University and leads the Game Culture Lab at Stanford. He has published on games and digital culture in publications such as TouchArcade, Salon, Kotaku, and Game Developer Magazine. He was a consultant for Sony’s World Wide Studios, and he speaks frequently at conferences such as GDC, IxDA, GameGuru, and the Game Developers Conference. His most recent book is The Art of Digital Games: Producing Game Culture. Conceived, written, and illustrated by Jonathan Furman, The Art of Digital Games is a vibrant survey of how digital games have been made for computers and consoles, as well as how they’ve been made for mobile phones and other platforms, over the past 25 years. The book is composed of four parts, each of which explores a different part of digital game creation: The Blueprint, which traces the history of the digital game, from blocky graphics to polygons and beyond; The Engine, which explores the coding tools used to bring digital games to life, from programming languages to animation; The Design, which delves into the development of the rules and aesthetics of digital games, from narrative to physics; and The Artist, which addresses how game artists bring ideas to life in terms of the graphics, sounds, and music that shape the experience of games. Through in-depth discussions of influential game developers such as David Jaffe, John Romero, and Will Wright, this comprehensive book illuminates the evolution of digital games, showing how they’ve changed and grown over time. Part One: The Blueprint Part Two: The Engine Part Three: The Design Part Four: The Artist Table of Contents Preface Acknowledgments 1. A Brief History of the Digital Game 1.1 The Birth of the Digital Game 1.2 Early Developers 1.3 The Golden Age of Arcade 1.4 Network Games 1.5 Computer Games 1.6 The Golden Age of Console 2. Building The Blueprint 3. Coding Your Way to the Top 3.1 Programming Languages 3.2 Game Engines 3.3 Designing Your Games 4. Designing Your Games 4.1 Mechanics 4.2 Psychology 4.3 Aesthetics 4.4 Narrative




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Windows 7 Genuine Sp1 32 Bit Iso File Highly Compressed Free Download 2022

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