About The SCF

Hackers share information on attack methods with other hackers, so why shouldn’t the good guys share information on how to best protect an organization? We decided to take action and make a difference.

The SCF is made up of volunteers, mainly specialists within the cybersecurity profession, who focus on Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and the cybersecurity side of privacy. These are auditors, engineers, architects, incident responders, consultants and other specialists who live and breathe these topics on a daily basis. The end product is "expert-derived content" that makes up the SCF.

We have the ambitious goal of providing cybersecurity and privacy control guidance to cover the strategic, operational and tactical needs of organizations, regardless of its size, industry or country of origin. The end state is to help companies become and stay compliant with cybersecurity and privacy requirements. The glue that ties GRC together is a uniform set of controls. Unfortunately, in most organizations, there is no set of shared controls and that leads to poor governance practices and an overall weaker state of security and privacy.

Like it or not, cybersecurity is a protracted war on an asymmetric battlefield - the threats are everywhere and as defenders we have to make the effort to work together to help improve cybersecurity and privacy practices, since we all suffer when massive data breaches occur or when cyber attacks have physical impacts.

SCF Mission

Our mission is to provide a powerful catalyst that will advance how cybersecurity and privacy controls are utilized at the strategic, operational and tactical layers of an organization, regardless of its size or industry.

Like What You See?

The SCF is operated by the Secure Controls Framework Council, LLC. If you like the SCF and you have the means, please donate to help cover the expenses to provide this website. The SCF is run entirely from donations.